Known as well for her designs as for her acute intuition and business skills, Kerry Leikus emerged onto the fashion scene in 2005 while on sabbatical from her legal career as an attorney.  In answer to her creative calling, Leikus began designing fabric and producing her own line of belts.  Leikus' brand was quick to catch the Hollywood eye and she soon began expanding into leather goods, jewelry and outerwear.  

Although a loyal celebrity following helped put Leikus' brand name on the map, Keggy has had a universal appeal, most recently endorsed by QVC.  Joining the ranks of some of the world's most premier designers, Leikus debuted a women's belt collection made especially for QVC in April 2011.  In response to changing consumer habits and demands for more accessibility, Leikus designed an accessory line that is spot on for today's consumer.  Spearheading the emerging trend of “co-creation”,  Keggy invites the customer to take a hand in designing their own belt.  Keggy belts pair mix and match buckles with a myriad of interchangeable leather and faux straps. No longer just an A-lister treasure, these gems are now the hot pick for the value driven customer that is looking for more in the way of style. 
Keggy has finally bridged the gender gap and expanded into men's accessories with a line showcasing its iconic designs, style and fearless color combinations.  With multiple variations of a classic design, the Keggy Guy dual toned belt offers a crisp edge to the classic leather belt in both bold and muted tones. Leikus' first ever men's line of accessories launched in the fall of 2012.  
Leikus’ finger remains on the pulse of fashion as she magically predicts the “in style” while transcending the trend.  She reinvents the old and claims the “what’s new” in fashion for women --and now men, too!